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Year 7 Student's First Half Term at Leasowes High School

Its been just over a month since we welcomed our new Year 7 students into our school and they have had a great start!

Two of our Year 7 students wanted to share with you their experience of starting Year 7 at Leasowes High School.

Liam - Year 7 Student

When I started at Leasowes I was very nervous and afraid that I wouldn’t make any friends. To be honest, I have made friends and the last few weeks have been very good. I got into the football team and I want to join other clubs so I can learn more. In the first week I met the Head of Year Mr Sprintall, my Form Tutor Mrs Chapman, and some of my teachers.

In the second week of high school we had our first full week as we had spent our time in form rooms in the first week. We played football on the Tuesday and we won the game so I was very happy.

Lydia - Year 7 Student

My first week here at Leasowes High School was great, the teachers helped us get to know the school even better and this was evident by a teacher showing us the way to all our classes to ensure we got there safely. Not only did the teachers help, but so did the students. If we ever needed help with finding our way around school the older years were there to help.

The range of after school clubs is amazing, in the first few weeks the year 7’s had already been offered multiple after school clubs such as Netball, Choir, Dance, Drama, Band, Art and Football. This makes a lot of us year sevens feel better around school and makes us feel more included and gives us a chance to make new friends.

In the first few weeks here, we have not only been offered after school clubs but have also been offered multiple leadership roles throughout the school. 7C2 have also been the first year seven form to conduct their form assembly.


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