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All students are expected to do homework conscientiously. We feel that parents’ interest in the work youngsters do at home is a great motivator and words of encouragement help students to value their own achievements as independent learners. Given the great importance of work as evidence for National Curriculum and examinations we ask parents to encourage their children to find a safe, quiet and accessible place at home where work can be kept in good condition.

The School believes in the value of homework. Students are encouraged right from the start to expect tasks set to be completed at home, though the nature of the task will differ. Some will consist of written tasks, others will involve research or learning of materials. On occasions, homework may be planning activities or collecting information.

40 minutes per subject will be expected in Year 7, 8, and 9. For older students homework will usually be two or three subjects a night – 50 minutes per subject in Years 10 and 11.

All students are issued with a personal organiser and a homework timetable, which indicates when homework will be set.

Homework is set to enhance and develop class work but it is not always practicable, desirable, or appropriate to set homework on every occasion.

An after-school homework club will be for 50 minutes, Monday to Thursday