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OFSTED last inspected Leasowes High School on 24-25 September 2019, the inspection report is below:


Leasowes High School continues to be a GOOD school:


Summary of key findings for parents and pupils


Staff really care about pupils and how they do.  They act in pupils’ very best interests and go the extra mile to support them.  Staff are very enthusiastic about how the school can make a difference to pupils’ lives and have high expectations for all.

Pupils told inspectors that they like coming to school.  They feel it is a safe place to be and that bullying is not tolerated.

Younger pupils say that they already feel safe and confident in school, and that older pupils go out of their way to be kind to them.  They say that pupils in the school generally behave well.


Inspectors listened to some pupils who had previously had difficulties describe their ‘transformation’.  Hey were clearly excited at achieving really well following a challenging time in their lives.

Many pupils and staff say that behaviour improved last year because of a new behaviour policy.  They say that lessons are not disrupted often.


The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.  Leaders are well trained and very knowledgeable about safeguarding.

Leaders have thought carefully about the curriculum.  Almost all pupils study academic subjects for GCSEs.  Some pupils do a mix of academic and vocational courses and other activities where this is right for them.


There are lots of opportunities for pupils to learn outside of traditional subjects.


For our official OFSTED performance information please, click here

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