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Proposal to Change the Structure of the School Day

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: Proposal to change the structure of the school day

I am writing to inform you of some proposed changes to the structure of the school day at Leasowes High School, part of Invictus Education Trust.

The proposed changes are:

· To move from 6 different models of the school day in our Multi Academy Trust to one single model. The proposed new school day is set out in Appendix 1.

· A key change at Leasowes High School is that your child/children will attend school and receive education for the same number of hours every day, Monday to Friday.

· Each school day will be worked proportionately over the week.

Should the changes be approved, they will come into force from 1st September 2021.

I believe that these changes will be beneficial to the school community, and will have a positive effect on your child’s education.

The information in this letter has also been sent to other relevant parties as applicable e.g. the coach companies. We will work together so that there is minimal disruption.

I appreciate that these changes may affect you, in terms of childcare or working arrangements, and in terms of your child’s education. For this reason, I would like to invite you to give your feedback by sending your responses to my PA, Mrs A Buttery via

The consultation will close on 14th May 2021.

I will write to you again week commencing 24th May 2021 with the outcome of the consultation and to communicate the decision made by the Trust Board.

Yours sincerely

T Bowles

Mr T Bowles

Chief Executive Officer

Appendix 1


· The Invictus School Day will comprise of:

Period 1 - 50 minutes

Period 2 – 50 minutes

Period 3 – 50 minutes

Period 4 – 60 minutes

Period 5 – 50 minutes

Period 6 – 50 minutes

· The timings of Period 4 and lunch breaks will be managed by individual schools.

· 6th Form Lessons will be taught between 9.15-12.15pm and 1.30 – 3.30pm.


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