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  • Leasowes High School

Leasowes Breakfast Cafe

From Monday 13th May 2024 we will be running a breakfast cafe in the dining hall before school every day. This will commence at 8.15am and is open to all students and staff. We are offering a wide range of breakfast choices:

  • bacon sandwich = 75p

  • sausage bap = 90p

  • toast = 30p

  • cheese toasties = 80p

  • waffles = 65p

  • variety of mini pasties = 35p

  • croissants & jam/honey = 54p

  • porridge = price to be confirmed

  • choice of cereal with milk =50p

  • granola yogurt pot = 50p

  • fruit pot = 70p

For those students who are Free School Meals, breakfast will come out of their daily allowance, they will therefore need to be mindful of this when ordering food.


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