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Uniform is compulsory for all students of the school and is designed to be practical and suitable for a working environment. It allows for cultural and religious observations. We hope parents/carers will support us by making sure that their children do not deviate from the uniform shown here, particularly with reference to trousers, trainers, jewellery and hairstyles.

Any items made in denim or leather are NOT ALLOWED. Hoodies/Cardigans are also not allowed and should not be used as a substitute for a coat.

We would also request your support in ensuring that girls do not wear very short skirts or tight trousers. Students infringing school uniform rules, without a note from home will be sanctioned.

Students arriving in School in non-uniform items or with severe haircuts and not in possession of a note from home will be detained at lunchtimes or in extreme cases will be isolated for the day(s).

If your son/daughter plays for a school team then they must have the black football socks.

Please note that hair must be tied back and all jewellery removed in the changing rooms at the start of the PE lesson.

Students will always require kit even if they are ill or injured. In this instance they will also require a note to explain why they are not able to fully participate. We would then only expect them to join in with activities appropriate to their injury or illness.

Uniform Requirements

  • Blazer: Black with logo

  • Jumper: Plain black v-neck jumper with the School logo. (no hoodies or cardigans)

  • Shirt/blouse: Plain light blue (Trutex) long sleeved only. (not fitted or v-neck)

  • Trousers/skirt: Black knee length tailored skirt (not lycra) or black trousers of classic cut, NOT TIGHT FITTING i.e. skinny trousers.

  • Clip on ties: A school clip on tie only. Available from school uniform suppliers and reception

  • Shoes: Black sensible and serviceable shoes, providing protection in workshops and practical lessons. Any variety of trainer or canvas shoe, including those black in colour, is NOT ALLOWED.

  • Outer coats: Outer coats should be PLAIN BLACK or NAVY, and a style suitable for school. Hoodies are NOT acceptable as coats.

  • Cycles: We strongly advise that cycle helmets are worn to and from school. We suggest that students who cycle to school wear orange or yellow arm bands or over jackets so that they can be seen on dark days.

  • Bag: A strong rucksack or holdall in plain black or navy blue. A separate bag may be required for physical education equipment. NO fashion handbags permitted.

  • Gloves & Scarves: Plain black, navy blue or dark grey (not to be worn inside).

Jewellery, Haircuts & Make Up

  • Jewellery:  1 plain ring, 1 wristwatch, 1 plain small ear-stud or small sleeper in the lobe of each ear. The school cannot accept responsibility for jewellery worn to school.


  • Earrings: Earrings cannot be worn for PE and cannot be taped over for health and safety reasons. Please could parents support us by ensuring that students wait until the summer holidays for ear piercing so that sufficient time can be allowed for the healing process.

  • Haircuts: Must be neat, not following in any way a cult or extreme changes of hair fashions. Steps, shaved areas (i.e. tramlines) of below grade 3 are not allowed. Hair dyeing and ornamentation must be kept to a minimum and should constitute natural hair colours

  • Nail Varnish: Nail Varnish Should be discrete.

  • Make up: Make up Should be discrete


PE / Dance Kit (Compulsory Kit)

  • Skirt or shorts: Plain black with orange trim

  • Polo Shirt: Black polo shirt, orange trim with school logo.

  • Socks: Black football socks or white sports socks. (If your son/daughter plays for a school team then they must have the black football socks)

  • Trainers: Must NOT BE a leisure shoe or pump. Any colour is acceptable.

PE / Dance Kit (Optional Extra Kit)

  • Tracksuit trousers: Must be plain black

  • Jumper: Black fleece, orange trim with Leasowes logo