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Art and design are based in same area as Design Technology and Science positioned towards the back of the school. The Art and Design teachers are Mrs McAleavy, Mrs McCollom and Miss Richards.

 Art and Design has an allocation of two classrooms currently, the classrooms are equipped and have space for the requirements of the subject. Room 20 is equipped with a kiln and pottery is delivered in this area as part of the curriculum. Both classrooms, 16 and 20 have several Apple macs which have adobe software allowing for students to access photoshop, illustrator and other packages. Students will be introduced to a range of Fine Art materials and techniques, including, drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture. This is a busy area in school where students can access art club, spend time on individual projects or be involved in prop making for school performance.

The Arts is a place in school where everybody can find a space to be themselves and meet new people. The department has a number of arts ambassadors that help with many events and promote the area in school. 

Every year the arts department take students to a number of events and venues, these include Warner Brother Studios in year 9 and in year 10 a residential trip to London. There are also several curriculum trips to the theatre, music and dance events, gallery and museum visits.

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