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Leasowes Student Buries Capsule at RAF Museum

Last week a selection of our Design & Technology students were invited to a special event at the RAF Museum in Cosford that saw the burial of a capsule containing a model of the Museum that one of our students, Jacob, had created.

The RAF Museum turns 50 this year and to mark the occasion, the RAF team hosted a competition where students were tasked to create a mini model of the Museum, which shows the site as it stands today, to our future selves. The model could be no larger than 350mm X 250mm X 130mm, with the winning model being selected to be buried in a time capsule.

The winning model was created by one of our Design & Technology students, Jacob. He created the model to scale, using Google Maps to ensure the layout was correct and accurate. The hangars and museum building structures were made from lollipop sticks and covered in card. Jacob also made the aeroplanes to scale using Computer Aided Design software and then used the 3D Printer to manufacture the models. The attention to detail was outstanding and true to life.

On the day of the event, Jacob was joined by the Museum CEO, RAF staff, the primary school competition winner, and the general public to celebrate the Museum's 50th Birthday. The event started at 10:30 on Friday 14th October 2022, outside the Second World War hut at the Museum. The ceremony had several speeches and photographs, followed by the burial of the time capsule. Jacob was proud of his achievement, and it was a real privilege for the students and Leasowes High School. The time capsule will be opened in fifty years time to celebrate the Museum’s 100th Birthday.

Deirdre Cuss, RAF Museum Access & Learning Assistant Added:

This is all about the future of the Museum, for the staff, volunteers and the young people who visit us in 2072. When deciding what items to include, we worked with local schools and asked colleagues what they thought would be important to pass on to the next generation, giving a snapshot of the Museum at the time we marked our 50th anniversary. I can’t help but wonder how we’ll feel about these items in the future, and what will go into the next time capsule once these re-emerge. This was a great way of marking the occasion and capturing a moment in time that will spark discovery and debate in the future.’

Photo Gallery

Video of Burial


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