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Invictus English Department - Leasowes Student Blog

Each month, Invictus Director of English, Miss Hall, invites year 9-11 students to send in BLOG entries based on certain topics. Look out for the next topic on your VLE (Space, Ello, Edge, Aspire, More +, Wise) and send your entries on to Miss Hall (

Miss Hall then selects a BLOG from each school to appear on each schools website!

Well done Faye, and happy reading everyone!

Hi there, I’m Faye from Leasowes High School. Now, I know lockdown can be quite stressful and makes some people quite anxious, so if you are feeling any of those feelings, then this blog post is to you. I know you probably don’t hear this often, but I really love school. I’m not really quite sure why, but I just love learning; I love reading, I love being around my friends, and I love being in a classroom environment. So, if you are anything like me, then you might miss being at school and may even be a little sad about not going. I just want to remind you, that everything will eventually be okay and there are always people to talk to. It's also always good to keep yourself busy whilst in these times.

If you are struggling to think of anything to do, I’ll give you a few ideas: read a book or if you don’t actually have any books lying around, you could find an e-book or audiobook; learn something new: whether that’s an instrument or some kind of sport or hobby; you could start watching a new TV show or movie, but don’t stick to the screen all day help cook something or try out a new recipe; paint something or write something, let out your creative and artsy side; spend some time with family or with pets. You could even speak to friends for a while, online though, because unfortunately we can’t meet others due to lockdown restrictions and need to stay safe. Or if you feel like you may not have anybody to speak to, then make friends! I know that it is sometimes easier said than done, and making new friends at our age can be quite nerve-wracking, but reach out to somebody new from your school, because everybody could do with a friend in times like this.

I’ve been trying to keep myself quite busy during this lockdown. I’m doing lots of school work and extra revision, I have been taking lots and lots of online dance classes, I have been learning how to play the guitar and I’ve also taken quite a liking to painting and sketching. I have even started up my own YouTube channel and that’s really fun! There are always ways to keep yourself busy and keep connecting with people; you are never alone! I want to remind you that the whole of England is in the same boat; we are all dealing with this, in one way or another, and we are all taking each day as it comes.

I hope you’re well


Stay happy and healthy!


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