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Guidance for booking Parents Evening appointments.

Log in to your Aspire account. You will have been given details as to how to do this previously, should you have any problems in doing so then please call school reception (01384 686 606) for advice.

You will see the Parents Evening shown on your homepage once appointment booking is open…

…Click on the link to the Parents Evening and you will see a list of your child’s subject teachers….

…Click on ‘Choose Time’ to see a list of appointment times that are available for each teacher. Select a time for your 5 minute appointment. We suggest you also allow 5 minutes after each appointment to allow yourself time to move between teachers who may be in various rooms around the school.…

…When you have chosen an appointment time this will show as confirmed in a list in the top portion of the screen. You can select appointments for as many teachers as you wish. You can log on at any time and see the times of those appointments you have made.

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