Welcome to MFL

We offer French and Spanish at Leasowes and there are 6 members of staff in the department:


Mrs E Hoare – Head of MFL, Invictus Director of Languages

Ms C Finnegan- Deputy head of MFL

Mrs S Nouira – Assistant head of MFL

Miss E Foley – Teacher of MFL

Mrs L Mouquinho – Teacher of MFL

Mrs N Wills – Deputy Head Teacher, Teacher of MFL

There are 5 permanent languages rooms, 3 of which are based downstairs at the end of the English corridor (L64, L65 and L66) and 2 directly above them upstairs in Maths (L74, L76).

Within room L64, there is a soundproof small room which we sometimes use to undertake speaking activities. There are also a couple of computers within this space where students can complete homework before school, during break and lunch and after school if desired.

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Leasowes High School

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