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Welcome to MFL

Mrs Liz Hoare                                   Director of Modern Foreign Languages (Invictus), Curriculum Manager

Mrs Clare Finnegan                      Deputy Curriculum Manager

Mrs Souad Nouira                          Assistant Curriculum Manager

Ms Emma Foley                               Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Miss Letitia Mouquinho              Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Natalie Wills                            Deputy Head, Safe Guarding Lead, Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

The aim of Language lessons at Leasowes is for our pupils to be able to communicate in French or Spanish on a variety of topics. We strive to offer them a broad cultural awareness in our multilingual and multicultural world.


Pupils will gain a strong phonetic knowledge to enable them to converse confidently in either French or Spanish and throughout KS3 and KS4, they will reinforce and build on their knowledge of literacy skills in English.


They will learn how to manipulate grammar to allow them to personalise information and retain core phrases that can be recycled in a large number of real-life situations. 


Teachers will teach using Extensive Processing Instruction (EPI) following Conti's MARS-EARS approach which focuses primarily on Modelling new chunks of language to pupils, then Awareness-raising of patterns, phonics or grammatical structures. This stage is followed by lots of reinforcement through RAM (reading as modelling and LAM (Listening as modelling).  When they are confident with these receptive skills, they will move on to Structured Production, Expansion and Autonomy. Over time, they will Routinely communicate in the target language and be able to do so Spontaneously.


Through this knowledge, they will become resilient and competent linguists who are open-minded and versatile communicators.

360 Tour

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