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Illness & Injuries

If a student becomes ill during the day, Leasowes has a dedicated school nurse and a number of first aid staff qualified to assess your child and take appropriate action. If a child needs to go home due to illness or injury, parents will be contacted at the earliest opportunity in order that they can arrange to collect their child.

Students with Medical Conditions and Students on Medication

Parents of children with medical conditions are required to provide details pertaining to the medical condition. The school will complete a care plan which will give details of the medical condition, treatment plans and any medication to be administered.


Parents are asked to cooperate by ensuring that medical details, medications and contact phone numbers are kept up to date at all times.


Student absence telephone number: 01384 686 606 Option 1

Please use this option ONLY to report your child as absent.

Staff absence telephone number: To report a staff absence, call us on: 01384 686 606 Option 2

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