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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student leadership is an important part of developing our student’s character where they are able to practice leadership skills. This prepares them for achieving personal and professional excellence in life beyond Leasowes High School. Students are able to work in partnership towards shared goals and impact positively on life both within and outside the classroom.

Students within any of the leadership roles should be able to:

  • work with others and be motivated

  • be able to build good working relationships with staff

  • make a lasting impact within school

  • be involved in important decision making

  • work well in a team

  • have good time management skills

  • demonstrate polite, mature, responsible and reliable traits at all times


We offer a wide range of leadership opportunities across the school, with rigorous application processes in place.

The leadership roles include:

Head and Deputy Head Boy/Girl and Senior Prefects (Year 11)

Becoming a Prefect is one of the highest student leadership positions within Leasowes High School. Prefects are selected following a robust application process and interviews with senior staff. Students are provided with a striped blazer and are recognised as key role models within school. Prefects have a range of responsibilities, ranging from assisting with lunchtime duty, supporting key events throughout the year and mentoring other students. These roles continue to support positive behaviour around the school.

Aspire Leaders (All years)

Two students are selected from each year group as representatives, meeting regularly with the Head Teacher and Deputy Head Teacher. They will demonstrate exemplary behaviour, attitude and attendance. Students will be involved in making decisions and discussing actions for the school. This is a highly influential role that many students strive to lead on.

Year Group Council (All years)

One student is chosen to represent each form group within the school. They will show complete commitment to driving school improvement, contributing to the vision and values of Invictus Education Trust. They are reliable, sensible and good communicators. Students often take a lead on initiatives, including fund raising for local and national charities.

Well-Being Council (All years)

This is a prestigious student leadership opportunity where students are able to promote well-being in school. They will work closely with the school nurse and pastoral team and will ensure that they adopt a meaningful overview of mental health for all. The students demonstrate integrity, determination and commitment to support others.

Diversity Leader (All years)

Students within this role will promote equality and diversity both within and outside the classroom. They will be instigators in creating opportunities for all individuals to thrive together, promoting an inclusive atmosphere. Students will ensure that everyone is treated equally and fairly, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, disability and sexual orientation. Wider opportunities will be explored to further improve and develop relationships amongst peers.

Eco Council (All years)

Students will practically support and maintain the school environment. They will discuss environmental issues within school, preparing others to live their future lives with consideration for global issues. They will consult with lead staff and drive awareness campaigns during the year, improving the carbon footprint of the school.

Peer Mentor (Years 8-11)

This is a role that requires sensitivity, dedication and a willingness to listen to others, offering guidance to vulnerable individuals. Students will work closely with the pastoral team and also have an opportunity to support reading sessions, working with year 7 form tutors to enhance student’s oracy skills.

Subject Ambassador (All years)

Students have the chance to apply to represent subjects within the school. All departments offer this exciting leadership role. Some of the opportunities include being able to support and lead events, organise engaging learning environments, support enrichment clubs, develop competitions, raise the profile of the subject, guide others on career opportunities. Students will develop skills in leadership, teamwork and collaboration.

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