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Leasowes is committed to ensuring that every child attends daily to school. Regular attendance is a legal requirement and unnecessary absence will be challenged and where appropriate, unauthorised. It is expected that students display the highest possible levels of attendance and that any factors which may impede full attendance are identified and acted upon as soon as possible. If attendance is poor, then the school will refer the absence to the Education Investigation Service and further action will follow. Every child should aim for 100% attendance.

If you are not in school then there must be a justifiable reason and your Parent/Carer should telephone the school absence line before 8:40am on the first day and every day of absence, giving an estimated time of absence. This should also be followed up with a note from your Parent/Carer on your return to school after the absence.

Please keep medical appointments to a minimum in school time. If a medical appointment is needed please send evidence of this into school with the appointment card or letter and if possible attend school before the appointment and return afterwards.




No holidays will be authorised during term time and any leave of absence will be reviewed on an individual basis, depending on the reason. If unauthorised, the absence will be referred to the Education Investigation Service to take further action.



Punctuality is important and you must ensure that you arrive to school and to every lesson on time. If you arrive into school after 8:40am, you will need to sign the late book in reception and be marked with an ‘L’ (late mark). If you arrive after 9:15am then you will also need to sign in the late book but you will be marked with a ‘U’ which means it is an unauthorised late and counts as an absence on your attendance certificate. Arriving late to school will result in a loss of reward points, and your child will be detained after school with their Head of Year.

Excellent attendance to school is rewarded with points. 100% for each week will gain 1 point with a bonus of 5 points for 100% for each term. Poor attendance will lose points.

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