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Welcome to Science

Ms Lucy Smith                                                              Curriculum Manager

Miss Lynn Goodwin                                                   Deputy Curriculum Manager

Mrs Nicki Hayden-Wright                                     Assistant Curriculum Manager

Mr Richard Everest                                                   Teacher of Science

Miss Amy Mcenery-Coomby                               Teacher of Science

Ms Giulia Vespi                                                            Teacher of Science

Miss April Taylor                                                         Science Teacher

Miss Lucy Ridley                                                         Assistant Head, Science Teacher, Sixth Form

Mr Jason Sprintall                                                     Associate Senior Leader, Head of Year 7, Science Teacher


At Key Stage Three (Years 7 – 9) the students are taught Science which will cover a range of topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The main purpose is to develop an inquisitive mind and an enthusiasm for science and technology. As well as developing a range of practical skills, science will also develop analytical and problem-solving skills. The topics studied will build on their knowledge from Key stage one and two and will build a good foundation for their studies at key stage 4.

At Key stage four students can opt to study either a combined science course which is worth two GCSE grades, or they can opt for Triple Science which will see students awarded a grade in Biology, Chemistry and Physics separately. Triple Science is a great opportunity for those students who are keen to pursue a career path in the science field.

360 Tour

Click on the centre of the image for a 360 tour of our Science department.

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